Importing Toys From China

Importing to the UK

Importing Toys From China

Are you thinking about importing toys from China to sell within the UK? There are a few things to consider before you begin your importing process.  I have compiled some key aspects of importing which will help you to prepare and be on top of the process at every stage.

Finding Your Supplier.

Before you can import you need to find a Chinese supplier who manufactures the toys you are looking to import. It is important to verify that your supplier meets the 2011 Toys Safety Regulation for toys sold in Europe. This means the toy you are importing needs to be safety checked to meet European standards, be properly marked to allow traceability and to have the CE mark along with instructions or warnings relevant to that toy.

Commodity Code

Once you are happy with your supplier and product you will need to determine the correct commodity code for the toy in question.  To establish which commodity code to use you can go to Gov/tariff.

There you can follow the simple process to establish the correct commodity code.  Although as a Freight Forwarder we cannot tell you the commodity code to use, we are here to help and can offer advice if you are finding it difficult.

VAT and Duty

When you have established the commodity code you will also be able to determine the Vat and Duty that is associated with your toy and the amount you will be required to pay.  If you are a VAT registered company you will be able to claim back the VAT but you will still be required to pay it on entry into the UK.


Before you import anything into the UK it is important to confirm whether that product will require a license.  You can check this when you are finding your products commodity code.  If you establish a license is required you will need to apply for the correct license and provide a copy or original of the license for customs.

Freight Forwarder

The importing process can feel a bit daunting especially when looking at some of the points above. Finding the right Freight Forwarder can help with all of this.  A freight forwarder will be able to offer advice and support as they will have dealt with similar imports.  They will also be able to help you identify commodity codes and licenses if you are finding it difficult.

The key benefit of using a freight forwarder is to complete your customs entries on your behalf. To complete a customs entry you would need the correct software and registrations to access CHIEF alongside badge codes for various ports and airports within the UK.  Freight Forwarders will have all of this in place as well as the training and experience to complete the customs entry correctly.

Isca Forwarding are AEO accredited which means we are internationally recognised as providing a seamless customs supply chain service.  This puts us in a position to offer our customers the best customs support and services possible.

EORI Number

For anyone importing internationally, they will require an EORI number. These are easy to obtain especially if you are already VAT registered.  Simply follow the link below and complete the simple EORI process.

Invoice/Packing lists.

For a customs entry to be completed you and your supplier will need to provide documents. These will need to include the product weights, values and commodity codes. These documents will be used by your freight forwarder to complete the customs entry and calculate the VAT and Duty you will need to pay.


Remember you cannot import trademarked goods like “Disney” products as this is breaking UK laws. Trademarked toys cannot be bought for resale without the correct permissions and controls by the correct authorities.

To find out more about importing toys from China, or the stages that go into the import process please feel free to give our imports team a call on 01392 369923.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a FREE quote to compare importing prices please complete our estimate form here.

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