The following introduces our insurance services.


The following introduces our insurance services.

Why do you need Marine Insurance?

We recommend that you at least consider marine insurance when getting your freight quote as although damage or loss in the freight forwarding industry is rare, it can happen.  If it happens, the impact can be devastating as Ships and Airlines only have limited liability.  This means that where you have a valid claim, the payout is unlikely to cover the true cost of goods, leaving you significantly out of pocket.

We always recommend that you at least consider getting a quote for insurance to cover the items you are shipping. It is very cost effective and will give you peace of mind.

How do I get a quote?

You can arrange your own marine insurance policy, and financially it may make sense to if you regularly export or import goods to or from overseas. If you are new to exporting or importing, you are probably better off arranging insurance at the time of getting the quote. we already have a relationship with an insurer, which will mean that you get a very competitive quote.

What information will I need to provide?   

Please let us have the following information:-

  • Value of Goods
  • Product Description
  • Destination Address
  • Goods packed suitably for exporting/importing

Goods are covered from our premises here, at Isca Forwarding, not for the journey to us. There are exceptions to this so please state clearly, what your requirements are so that we can ensure that the policy meets your requirements.

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