Shipment Of The Month – Catering Kiosks

Shipment Of The Month – Catering Kiosks

A fabulous kiosk, which is so flexible and easy to use. We have been working with for many months now, bringing to the UK these unique trailers.

The Catering Kiosks are ideal for many types of trading, including the sale of Coffee & Cakes, Pizzas, Baked Potatoes, Burgers & Hot dogs, Popcorn,Fresh Gourmet Wraps, Sandwiches, Mac & Cheese, Teas & Snacks, Ice creams and Waffles, Mobile Bar, Pies & Pasties, Pulled Pork, Thai Food, Curries, Shell Fish or Bespoke street food; They have a kiosk to suit every occassion. They also make great information and promotional units.

Towable Catering Kiosks, have a modern rounded look, for a classy appearance. The size makes them ideal for use in both Cities and Towns, large enough to work in but not too big to get in the way.

For more information about the catering kiosks you can call Alec on 07955 232363

If you are interested in shipping goods to the UK, please don’t hesitate to ring Carl or Michelle on 01392 369923. Alternatively feel free to pop in for a chat. We are happy to give free impartial advice.

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