Things To Remember If You’re Planning To Import

Things To Remember If You’re Planning To Import

Do you have a new and exciting business idea? Are you looking to source products from abroad and planning to import them?  It has become increasingly easy to import from abroad which can give a false sense of importing being straightforward with guaranteed immediate success. To ensure the process goes to plan, here are some helpful things to remember to make certain the importing process works for you.


Choosing a supplier should not be done hastily, it is always worth looking around for alternative suppliers who can offer different offers, give you an idea of how quickly the goods can be made and will be ready to ship and to verify the quality standards that the particular supplier holds.  It can be tempting to rush this process when you are feeling enthusiastic to start selling the products and starting your business, but taking your time will help to make sure you pick the right supplier and have a good agreement and relationship with them for the future.


When dealing with an overseas supplier it is worth remembering that if you appear to rush them on their process or insist your job is urgent you are reducing the chances of being offered a good deal as they know you are more interested in the speed and potential delivery dates then the costs.

With cost in mind another aspect of importing that is often forgotten but is key to a successful importing process is factoring in financially the unexpected costs.  Many of our customers aren’t aware until we speak to them that customs may randomly select their goods for inspection which can result in rent fees for the shipment to remain in the warehouse for a prolonged period.  When you are discussing with the supplier the cost of the goods you should be factoring in your profit margins as well as any potential hidden costs that may arise.


The volume of your first initial order can be challenging to navigate.  It is important to get the right balance in the quantity that you choose to order.  Too small an order can mean you are not offered a good deal from the supplier; however you do not want to make a large order when you aren’t guaranteed to sell the entire product.  It is all about finding the middle ground.  Ordering enough to reduce the suppliers cost but not so many you have a surplus of stock that just won’t sell.


Importing from abroad is exciting and offers you a world of possibilities when you are developing your business its brand and products.  Though it is significantly easier and more accessible to import with the help of freight forwarders it is worth remembering the points from above to ensure your experience is not only smooth and successful but financially beneficial.  If you require any advice or help then please do not hesitate to give us a call.


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