Pack Wisely To Avoid Problems

Pack Wisely To Avoid Problems

Careful when packing

When you pack your goods to send overseas, it’s really important that you are very clear about exactly what you are sending. We have had a couple of occasions where customers have “popped in a couple of extra items” and when we have found them we have had to remove them. Not because we are sticklers and don’t want to ship them, but because we run the risk of items being rejected when they reach their destination. For example, if you say you are shipping motorbike, and we arrange all the paperwork and do what is necessary to ship your motorbike to its destination, chances are it will go very smoothly. If however you pop a bag of oatmeal in the crate (because there’s room, and Auntie Flo loves her Scottish oatmeal) You might suddenly find everything goes wrong and the whole crate/container is impounded.

Part of International trade is about adhering to local rules and regulations regarding the import of food stuff, animal skin, and medication and so on. So when you ship your items the assumption is made that you are shipping exactly what you said you were going to ship. If you flout this and include other items, you may find that you are in breach of regulations. In many cases you will be left with the option of having the entire container destroyed and the associated costs or having the goods turned back around, again at your cost.

It is usually quite easy to find out what kind of things you need licences for. There is lots of help on the Governments website.

Here at ISCA Forwarding we are always happy to help assist and guide you. We have a really good reputation for shipping, and we are keen to maintain it and to assist our customers by doing the best possible job. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your shipping needs, and don’t be put off by the need for a licence, they are often very straightforward and we’re always here to help. Call Rob, Paul or Tony on 01392 369923

Guide to Export Licences

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