Nimnik Shipment Of The Month

Nimnik Shipment Of The Month

With the European Football Championships coming up, NimNik has been adding to the already wide range of products that they import to the UK from China and India. There is a fantastic array of merchandise for every football fan, which you can purchase online at

As a husband and wife team, with a young family, they are growing a strong brand with a wide customer appeal. Products range from superb and unique baby accessories to games and fitness. The first product that they imported was a baby carrier unlike those available in the UK at the time, as it is designed to reduce backache in the wearer. It has been a huge success and they are now importing much larger quantities.

Success is down to their attention to detail, ensuring high quality products at affordable prices with excellent customer service. Keen to enhance their position in the marketplace, NimNik’s MD, BiswaMalla has worked closely with ISCA Forwarding to try to minimise the problems and pitfalls that can accompany importing goods from overseas.

Biswa says “ISCA have helped us in our journey immensely. Michelle has been very proactive with our account, and has helped us the entire way, changing the potentially importing nightmare to a very pleasant experience. She has been very readily available to answer any queries we have had at any time. We are so glad we chose to use ISCA after getting quotes from several other freight forwarders online. The best part of using ISCA is the customer service, its world class, something we value very highly in our business as well.”

Michelle is NimNik’s account Manager:

“I love working with NimNik. It is very varied, and I am always keen to find the best solution for them. In my work, I love working with the newer less experienced companies, we like to do everything we can to ensure that their experience is as smooth as possible. We worked with House of Marbles when they were starting up, and they are now a huge customer, with regular shipments. I like to think that we can work with our customers and help them to grow. After all their success is our success.”

If you would like to enquire about importing, or if you just want to talk through ideas or plans and would like some free advice, please call Michelle on 01392 369923, or email .

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