What Insurance Do I Need When Shipping?

What Insurance Do I Need When Shipping?

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Kevin Gill a member of the Isca Forwarding Export team gives you the low down on insurance and why it is important to check you are covered.


What is Limited Liability Insurance?

“Limited Liability insurance is the basic insurance offered by shipping lines, airlines and truck companies.  If your goods are damaged or lost then the limited liability insurance will pay out a set amount based on the weight of your goods.  This is unlikely to cover the value of your goods especially those of a high value.  Although damage and loss is infrequent and unlikely relying on limited liability insurance for protection is not the safest way to ship.”

What is General Average and how could it impact me?

“In an emergency situation if the crew are required to remove some containers over board during a storm for example to protect the safety of the crew and vessel then general average comes into play.  General average is a maritime law that means that everyone who has goods on the vessel pays a proportionally amount to cover the losses.  If you only have limited liability insurance this can be an expensive unexpected cost for your business.”

What insurance options would you recommend?

“At Isca Forwarding we offer marine insurance to all o our customers.  Marine insurance is comprehensive cover and will cover the cost should general average come into play as well as being able to claim for the full value of your goods should they be damaged or lost.  Overall it is a much safer option when shipping.  Isca Forwarding have been Freight Forwarders for a number of years and have built a great relationship with their insurance brokers allowing us to offer competitive insurance rates to our customers.”


If you would like to find out more about your insurance options when importing or exporting your goods then get in touch with Kevin at Isca Forwarding on 01392 369923.

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