Horse Freight Or Sea Horse!

Horse Freight Or Sea Horse!

Look at this gorgeous plaster horse we are packing and sending via horse freight to his new home in New Zealand. He is a real beauty, made from plaster, and is going to start a new life in the grounds of a hotel in New Zealand.

Horse bound for New Zealand

It goes without saying that shipping a horse doesn’t come without it’s challenges. Firstly when we were trying to quote accurately for packing and shipping, we needed to ensure that the dimensions were exact. A horse however it not as straightforward to measure as a box or crate. This is the best way of measuring awkwardly shaped items. Take a photo and then using some software add in the dimensions. If you don’t have any software, don’t worry, take the picture and add the measurements in black pen. You can then scan the photos back in and email them across to us.

Measuring your horse – or any irregular shaped items

Don’t forget you will need to take a picture of the side and the front/back so that we have the depth measurements as well!

This work of art will arrive safe and sound in New Zealand in just a few weeks time, as our team built her a bespoke horse box! To do this they have to ensure that they use only forestry commission approved and stamped materials. If you have any questions about packing items to send overseas just give Rob or Paul a call on 01392 311420.

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