Fine Arts Going Overseas?

Fine Arts Going Overseas?

Are you looking to send Fine Art Overseas?

Fine Arts is becoming an area of business we are excelling in! We love it!

People working within Fine Arts are not only interested in ‘Getting it there’ or ‘How quickly’ or ‘How much’ They need to get it there in exactly the same condition as it left their Galley / Shop in. They need to know that at every step of the way their Fine Art is safe, dry and being transported with care.

Insuring Fine Arts is essential, but it is never something you want to have to use. The trick is to ensure that your Fine Arts have been packed securely, with suitable and effective protection. It needs to be in a suitable crate that can withstand any weather or conditions thrown at it. The slightest scratch or nick out of a frame could be enough to spoil the owners enjoyment of the piece or devalue an item by thousands of pounds. All wood and batons used to secure items within the crates are Forestry Commission stamped and approved. By buying materials in bulk, we are able to offer prices that are unlikely to be beaten, and probably cheaper than you can do yourself.

We get it!! We really understand! Our packing team will handle Fine Art (and any item for that matter) with the utmost care and professionalism.  From collection from premises through to the packing in our clean warehouse will ensure that your items are cared for in exactly the way you would want them to be.

Our packing team have more than 25 years of experience packing items. They take a huge amount of job satisfaction from ensuring that everything they have worked on arrived in the exact same condition they received it in.

We have a huge amount of advice we can share, so give us a call and speak with Rob, Tony or Paul on 01392 311420

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