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Customer Service isn’t a department it is everyone’s job!

Customer service isn’t just a part of the job for Isca it is the most important part for us and our customers.  There are too many companies that aren’t willing to take the time to find out what the customer is looking for and definitely don’t want to spend time explaining and walking customers through the process.


At Isca Forwarding we pride ourselves on being available to talk to our customers, we don’t have a computer-automated phone system and instead, the phone is answered by one of our team who will make sure you are talking to the right person for your needs.


We believe the way we approach Freight Forwarding is why we have so many long term customers who have been with us from the start.


When we go and collect or deliver goods to our customers it is important we have good communication with them about the job.  This allows us to plan deliveries or collections with their premises and requirements in mind.  It also means customers can let us know if they are happy with the arrangements and we can answer any further questions they may have.

For customers importing it is equally as important that we keep in contact and update them on their shipments. Ensuring any changes or updates are passed on.  This allows our customers to feel reassured and confident that their shipment is in the right hands.

Ultimately customer service plays a huge role in what we do and can make the difference between a one-time customer and a long term partnership.


See some of the amazing things our customers have said about our services below:


“The staff are extremely helpful and efficient, looking forward to working with them for many years to come.”

“I want to thank you and everyone at ISCA for all the great support you provide. You all make things very easy and simple for me, it’s such a pleasure working with you all.”

“I chose ISCA because of Tony’s great service, over the anonymous charmless responses with quotations I got from firms near Heathrow.  And I got a far better price! I hope you are very proud of the operation you have all created.”

Isca Forwarding

Isca Forwarding are a UK based independent Freight Forwarder who have unrivalled logistics experience.  We provide international sea freight, air freight and road freight services for commercial businesses and the personal effects markets.


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