Accurate Shipping Quotes

Accurate Shipping Quotes

Obtaining accurate shipping quotes is important for both importing and exporting. You want to make sure that you supply all the necessary information to ensure you get the best and most accurate rate for your shipping needs.

Making sure the quote you receive is accurate for the shipping of your goods, will enable you to ensure that there are no hidden charges, so you know that you are able to maintain a profitable margin on your products.

Key Points to guarantee accurate shipping quotes:

Weight & size of your shipment

  • This is very important as this is how the freight charges are calculated. It also helps your freight forwarder to determine the most appropriate mode of transport you should consider. If the measurements your give are not correct then the quote will not be accurate.

What are your products

  • The type of products that you are importing or exporting may determine how they are shipped, i.e.if they are perishable then that would determine the method and whether they need refrigeration.
  • Do they need any form of licensing to leave or enter the UK?
  • What is the commodity code? This code is used for the classification of the products, and is needed for all Customs procedures both for Imports and Exports. This code also determines the duty percentage required when importing products and whether there are any other requirements.
  • Are your products hazardous or dangerous? This will also impact freight charges and how the products are handled, documented and shipped.

All of these factors play a part in your freight forwarding giving you a quote that is both accurate and beneficial to you.

Where are the products coming from and going to?

  • If you need your shipment collected or delivered then ensure that you are able to give your freight forwarder the full information regarding both addresses.
  • Check the loading and unloading capabilities at these addresses to ensure that they have the necessary facilities. There are costs associated with sending a vehicle with a tail lift or arranging a fork lift, which need to be factored in to your quote.

Choosing the correct service.

  • If time is a factor your freight forwarder can advise you on the best service for your shipment.  To guarantee your shipment arrives by a certain date can determine the decision about which mode of transport your freight forwarder will advise you to use. Which in turn will alter the quote you are given.
  • If time is not an issue but you are trying to keep on top of costs, then your freight forwarder can also advise you on the best way to proceed.

When you intend to ship your products 

  • Depending on the time of year you are intending to ship your item it is worth checking with your freight forwarder.  At certain times of the year costs for both air and sea freight can be very volatile

  • Obvious times to be aware of are Christmas and Chinese New Year but strikes or even long periods of bad weather can impact the rates.  Similarly Shipping Lines can reduce their rates when things are quiet to try and get a large portion of the market.  You do not want to go ahead with a booking if you haven’t got an accurate quote which reflects these fluctuating issues.
  • The validity of a quote can vary but in general is valid for a month.  So it is worth bearing in mind if you go ahead with a shipment that you should ask your freight forwarder for another accurate quote if yours has expired to save on any unexpected increases in cost.

INCO Terms

  • Access to these will enable you to know who is responsible in terms of arranging and paying; the supplier or the client.  These terms are used worldwide and your freight forwarder will be able to advise you on these.  They can then make sure that your quote reflects the INCO terms you have chosen. Ultimately the best way to ensure you get the best possible quote for your shipping needs is to talk to your freight forwarder as they will be able to offer you the best advice. You can familiarise yourself with the INCO Terms here

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