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ISCA For Business Freight

Your Business Freight is important to us, so our services are tailored to your requirements.

From down the road to around the world, no job is too big or too small.

Paul speaking to a customer

Paul at work

  • Incoming business freight to Southampton Port, Customs clearance and delivery to UK premises.
  • Collect in New York and air freight to London premises with Customs clearance.
  • Collect from Exeter address, case pack and sea freight to Dubai.
  • Collect from Taunton and road freight to Barcelona.
  • Urgent documents couriered to Sydney Australia.

We listen. We are flexible and friendly.

You need an agent that listens and will be flexible enough to provide a service for your requirements. Whether you are a sole trader sending items by courier, or a large multi national corporation importing container loads from China, we can help you.

Import Experts - Michelle

Michelle – Import Team

You will only deal with one person in our office who handles your entire job. They will have a back-up person in the office who will be completely au fait with your job too, so your primary contact is not available then they can step in and help.

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Small Shipments

Whether you need some samples sent to your client or urgent documents couriered, we can help provide the most appropriate service. We have lots of experience with such items including the recent shipment of a high value single small antique which needed to be packed and air freighted to the USA. We arranged for the collection and packing of the item, arranged for the air freight, and dealt with the necessary information Customs declarations in US. A few years back, we even exported a Queen Bee to the Far East!

There is no set shipment, your requirements are listened to and then, we can advise you on the nest options so that you can make an informed decision on you shipment.

Who works with us

We have a regular customer who ships antique chairs to customers around the globe, while another client exports small curiosity items. We also have customers who buy items from America and ask us to courier them back to their business here in the UK.

Medium Shipments

Medium Shipments

Do you have a few pallets or cartons that need importing or exporting? Are they urgent? Or is cost the the most important factor? These are the kinds of questions we will ask you to ensure that we arrange the best possible solution for your shipment. If time is the overriding factor then air freight may be the best option but, your margins might be very tight so costs are important. Sea freight may be the most cost effective solution where budget is an issue, but, rest assured we use proven, reliable services as we know our reputation relies on it.

Talk to us about what you would like to to do, give us the critical dates and any cost factors that we need to consider. Our quote will always be competitive, but most importantly we want to quote for what you want us to do!

Who works with us

We have a business freight customer who regularly ships tractor parts to Africa and we arrange all export and custom clearance as part of the service.  We have been asked to carefully package and ship an antique carriage for a museum, along with miniature steam train engines a hobby horse, and aircraft ejector seat.

Large Shipments

Large Shipments

Container loads, large machinery and Vehicles are among the larger shipments we have Imported and Exported. Whether you need to Import products from your supplier overseas by container load or bring in large pieces of machinery, let us give you a quote and details of service we offer.

If you have a shipment that would be exported in a container but you don’t have the facilities to load a container, we can help.We have clients that have been shipping with us for over 30 years and they know that for each shipment we handle for them, we look to obtain the best rates for that shipment. Rates are always changing so it’s important to us that we look after your interests and as your agent get the best possible price and service for you.

Who works with us

If you are shipping commercial to commercial, business to business, and you have an agent in the far east who will pick up at a port, then we can only ship to the port. You can let us know that you have a shipment arriving in Heathrow and need us to clear it through customs and deliver to your offices. We have packing agents we work with outside of the UK that we can call on to help too.

We are very proud of this bad boy (yes, it's male) as it means we can load pretty much anything and ship it pretty much anywhere in the world.

We are very proud of this bad boy (yes, it’s male) as it means we can load pretty much anything and ship it pretty much anywhere in the world.