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Freight Documentation

The amount of freight documentation associated with international freight can be daunting, and incorrect or delayed documentation can prove very costly.

Letters of Credit (documentation completion and negotiation)

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The correct Freight Documentation is essential

We will advise on setting up Letters of Credit, complete all the documentation required and arrange to bank the Letter of Credit thus ensuring that the money is paid into your account as quickly as possible.

Bills of Lading

We will advise and provide the most appropriate type of Bill of Lading depending on your requirements.Certificates of Origin

We will advise and arrange completion, certification and legalisation appropriate for your requirements.

Freight Documentation discussion

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Customs Documentation

We will arrange NES (New Export System) clearances for all exports out of the UK to destinations outside of the EU. These are completed according to your individual requirements eg. IPR (Inward Processing Relief) and OPR (Outward Processing Relief).


Ask us for a quote for insurance. While loss and damage is rare, nothing gives peace of mind more than knowing that you goods are insured with a competitive comprehensive competent insurer.

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Freight Documentation is Crucial

Shipping Terms

The Freight Forwarding industry is fraught with shipping terminology, Incoterms and abbreviations. We have a page dedicated to these so if you are unsure of anything you hear or read check here, or of course you can call us on 01392 369923


Useful forms

EORI application c220 for VAT Registered Companies

EORI C220A Non VAT for Non VAT Registered Companies


ISCA BIFA Terms of Business 30092014

TOR1 – Application for transfer of residence