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Packaging Materials

Shipping Fine Art

We can help you package your personal belongings, the right way.  The correct packaging means that voids in a box can be filled safely and precious items protected. We can supply all the packing materials you need to send your item safely and securely.

For more detailed advice on shipping personal effects take a look at our advice page by clicking here

Mix and match items below to meet your individual packing requirements.

Please contact us to order any of the following:

Packing Kit

£16.00 plus vat including P&P

Kit includes

  • 1 x 1m Large bubble wrap sheet
  • 1 x roll of tape
  • 1 x flat packed carton with dimensions 62 x 48 x 48cms
  • 1 x document envelope


£14.50 plus vat including P&P for 1 box Size 62 x 48 x 48cms Flat packed
£37.50 plus vat including P&P for 5 boxes Size 62 x 48 x 48cms Flat packed
£72.50 plus vat including P&P for 10 boxes Size 62 x 48 x 48cms Flat packed
Packing boxes for sale

Assorted boxes suitable for packaging

Our cardboard boxes are made from high quality cardboard, and they are conveniently flat packed and will include a document wallet with each carton.


Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap help to protect your items

Use lots of Bubble Wrap!

£2.50 plus vat and P&P, unless included with cartons

Large bubble sheet, 150cms X 100cms

Bubble wrap is ideal for void fill, cushioning and bubble wrap insulation. The bubble wrap provides maximum cushion protection for products whilst in transit.


Tape gun, not in use!

Roll of tape, taking a break!

£1.50 plus vat and P&P unless included with cartons

48mm wide x 150m long

Strong packing tape. Get a tape gun to make it easy to seal up your cartons.

Tape Gun being used to package an item

Tape Gun in action!

Tape Gun

£8.50 plus vat and P&P